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CKC Reg. 2010

Stardax is a small home-based kennel breeding Miniature Long-haired Dachshunds. We are located just north of Calgary, Alberta.  Stardax dachshunds are shown in conformation and trained/competing in agility. 

Gypsy's first litter in April of 2010 gave me a wonderful red girl named
Ruby, who  finished her conformation title at 11 months of age.  Ruby also finished first in a 28 entry All Breed Puppy Sweeps and won Best of Breed over 14 other Miniature Long-haired Dachshunds in a Specialty Show in 2011.  Ruby has also earned over 60 NADAC Agility Titles, 6 NADAC Special Achievement Awards and 1 CKC Agility Title, with many more titles to come. 


UPDATE - Aug 7/16 - Porsha was Best of Breed again today at the Edmonton conformation show (out of 8 dogs) and Mac was Best of Winners for 2 points (and Best puppy in Breed).

UPDATE - Aug 6/16 - Porsha was Best of Breed at the Edmonton conformation show (out of 8 dogs) for 3 points - she is now a Grand Champion.

UPDATE - Aug 1/16 - Porsha was Best of Breed at the Alberta Kennel Club conformation show for 2 more Grand Champion points (and her mandatory BOB win).  3 points left to go!

UPDATE - July 16-17/16 - Porsha was Best of Opposite in Breed both days entered at the Evelyn Kenny conformation show for 2 more points towards her Grand Champion title.  Mac was Best of Winners on the Saturday for a 2 point win towards his Champion title.

UPDATE - June 18-19/16.  Great weekend playing NADAC agility outdoors for the first time this year.  Ruby earned her Superior Elite Touch'n Go title with 2 perfect runs.  She also Q'd 3 of 4 Elite Regular runs. 

UPDATE - June 5/16 - Porsha was Best of Opposite at the NACA show for another point. New pictures of Porsha have been posted on her page.

UPDATE - May 29/16.  Tigger is a a dad again.  Mom is Ch Taxvalpar Stormy Night Sky ML.  2 black & tan boys, 1 dapple boy and 1 dapple girl. 

UPDATE - May 21-22/16.   6 shows in 2 days, including 2 Dachshund Specialties, in Regina, SK.  Porsha was Best of Opposite in Breed all 6 shows, earning her a bunch of rosettes, ribbons and prizes, and 10 more Grand Champion points. 

UPDATE - May 14-16/16.  Porsha was Best of Opposite all weekend and earned her first 2 Grand Champion Points.  Mac was Best Baby Puppy in Group again on Sunday.

UPDATE - May 13/16.  Porsha was Winners Female (and Best of Opposite) today at the CKOC conformation show for 1 point - earning her the title of Champion.  Mac was Best Baby in Group (his second time earning this honour).

UPDATE - April 2-3/16.  Another 2 great days of conformation shows in Red Deer.  Porsha was Best of Winners both day for another 4 points in total.  She is now at 9 points - 1 left to go to her CH title.

UPDATE - April 2/16.  Ruby's puppy has found a new home - so I am all out of puppies for sale until sometime in 2017.

UPDATE - Mar 25-26/16 - Great 2 days of conformation shows in Camrose.  Porsha was Best of Opposite Friday for her fist 2 points and Best of Breed Saturday for 3 more points.  Half way to her CH now!  Mac (my new puppy) was Best Baby Puppy in Group on Saturday.

UPDATE - Mar 9/16 - One of Ruby's puppies is still available.  Please see details on the December 2, 2015 Puppies page, if interested.

UPDATE - Feb 27-28/16 - Ruby earned her NADAC Elite Weavers title with 3 qualifying runs (2 more than she needed), and she added two more Elite Tunnellers and one Elite Touch'n Go qualifying runs to her totals - and also earned her 2,500 lifetime points award.  Brandy earned a title too - Intro Touch'n Go.

UPDATE - Feb 6/16 - One of Ruby's puppies is still available.  Please see details on the December 2, 2015 Puppies page, if interested.

UPDATE - Jan 30/16 - Ruby is officially the # 1 Dachshund (standard & mini) in NADAC Agility Elite Regular Class for 2015 with 190 points.  She is also # 2 in Elite Touch'n Go and Tunnelers (missed #1 in Touch'n Go by one run). 

UPDATE - Dec 19/15 - all puppies from my December 2, 2015 puppies are reserved.  Next litter will not be until sometime in 2017.

UPDATE - Dec 12/15 - new puppy pictures posted on December 2, 2015 Puppies page.

UPDATE - Dec 2/15  am - Ruby's puppies have arrived.  2 girls and 1 boy. Dec 2/15 pm - Brandy's puppies have arrived.  4 boys and one girl.

UPDATE - July 18-19/15 - Ruby had another great weekend of Agility in Strathmore.  12 Qualifying runs and 2 new titles.  Elite Tunnelers and Outstanding Open EGC Barrelers.  Ruby now has 2215 lifetime NADAC points earned so far. 

UPDATE - June 19-21/15 - Ruby had a great weekend playing NADAC agility on the new grass field in Strathmore with 11 Qualifying runs, 6 at the Open level and 5 at the Elite level.  Ruby has 3 new titles, Elite Regular, Outstanding Open Hoopers and Outstanding Open Extreme Hoopers.

UPDATE - June 7/15 - Tigger was Best of Winners today at the NACA conformation show in Edmonton.  It was a 2 point win, giving Tigger his Conformation show title.

UPDATE - June 3, 2015 - Brandy x Rider puppies arrived.  Photos can be seen on the June 3, 2015 Puppies page.

UPDATE - Apr 4-5/15 - Tigger was Best of Winners on Saturday and Best of Breed on Sunday at the Red Deer conformation show.  Tigger now has 7 points towards his Championship.

UPDATE - Mar 28/15 - Brandy was Best of Opposite Breed today at the Prairie Dachshund Specialty conformation show and also Best of Opposite at the Battle River conformation show.  Tigger had his best outing yet - Reserve Winners Male in the Specialty and Best of Winners in the Battle River show for a 2 point win towards his Championship.

UPDATE - Feb 21-22/15 - Ruby had another great weekend playing NADAC Agility.  12 Qualifying runs - 5 at the Elite Level and 7 at the Open Level.  Two new titles to go with that - Superior Open Weavers and Outstanding Elite Touch'N Go.

UPDATE - Feb 21/15 - Ruby is officially the #1 Dachshund in NADAC Agility Touch'n Go class for 2014!  This is for all of Canada, US and Australia.

UPDATE - Jan 27/15.  On September 13, 2014 Brandy was awarded the title of Grand Champion by the CKC.

UPDATE - Jan 3-4/15.  First NADAC agility trial of the year was a lot of fun. Ruby earned 3 more titles - Superior Novice EGC Barrelers, Superior Open Tunnelers and Outstanding Open Jumpers.  Ruby also had several other qualifying runs, including her first two in Elite Regular Agility.  Toby was entered in his first trial, earning a title in Intro Regular Agility.

UPDATE - Nov 28-30/14.  Luna and Ruby both had a good weekend at the NADAC fund raiser trial.  Luna got two new titles - Intro Weavers and Novice Hoopers and got 30 more points in Novice Regular.  Ruby got one new title -Superior Open Regular, moving us up to Elite Regular for her next trial.

UPDATE - Nov 16/14.  Another great day playing NADAC agility.  Ruby had a perfect day - 8 for 8 qualifying runs.  2 Q's in her first try at Open EGC Hoopers, 2 more Q's in Open Weavers, 2 more Q's in Elite Touch'n Go and 2 Q's in Open Hoopers.  One more title out of all of that - Open Hoopers.  Luna also had a great day - 5 for 5.  2 Q's in Intro EGC Hoopers, 2 Q's in Intro Weavers and 1 Q in Novice Touch'n Go.

UPDATE - Nov 15/14.  Great day playing NADAC agility.  Brandy had her first 2 qualifying runs in Novice EGC Gaters. Luna Q'd 2 Novice EGC Gaters runs, Gypsy Q'd 2 Novice EGC Gaters runs and Ruby Q'd 2 Novice EGC Gaters runs.  Ruby's runs gave her the title - Superior Novice EGC Gaters and Luna's runs gave her the title Outstanding Novice EGC Gaters.  Gypsy also Q'd one Intro Touch'n Go run.  Ruby Q'd 5 other runs - one in Open Tunnelers, 2 in Open Weavers, and 2 in Elite Touch'n Go.  Ruby's Touch'n Go runs gave her her first Elite title - Elite Touch'n Go and the Weavers runs gave her an Outstanding Open Weavers title.

UPDATE - Nov 1-2/14 - Brandy was select female Saturday and Best of Breed Sunday at the Red Deer dog show - for 3 more Grand Champion points, putting her at 19 of 20.  Tigger was Winners Male Saturday for his first conformation point and also best puppy in breed.

UPDATE - Oct 25-26/14 - Ruby had 4 qualifying runs in Open level Regular NADAC agility this weekend (2 more and we will complete our Open Superior title), 2 qualifying runs in NADAC EGC Hoopers (completing our Superior Novice EGC Hoopers title) and her first qualifying run at the NADAC Elite level in Touch'n Go.

UPDATE - Oct 4/14 - Brandy had 4 NADAC agility qualifying runs today - her first two Q's in Intro Touch'n Go and 2 more Intro Regular Q's.  Ruby had 2  Q's in EGC Novice Barrel Racing - one of them was her fastest EGC barrel racing run ever.

UPDATE - Sept 13/14 - Brandy was Best of Breed today at the CKOC Conformation show - for 2 more Grand Champion points. Rider was Winners Male and Best of Opposite for 1 point - completing his Championship today.  Tigger was best puppy in breed in his first official show.

UPDATE - Aug 23/14 - Brandy earned her first NADAC agility title today in Intro level Regular class.  She ran 3.65 yards per second in one of her runs - she just loved it!

UPDATE - Aug 14/14 - I have added a 2014 Planned Litters page - link is on the left. 

UPDATE - Aug 9-10/14 - Brandy was Best of Breed out of 6 dogs both days entered in the Edmonton conformation show and Rider was Best of Winners out of 5 dogs on the Sunday.  Brandy now has 14 of 20 points towards her Grand Champion title and Rider has 9 of 10 points towards his Champion title.

UPDATE - Aug 1-2/14 - Ruby earned 2 more NADAC agility titles this weekend - Open Weavers and Outstanding Novice EGC Barrel Racing.  She ran one of the Barrel Racing runs at 4.6 yards per second.
Brandy had 2 qualifying runs in her very first NADAC agility trial - in Intro level Regular.   She did this with very limited training (only 16 nights of classes).   She had a great time and will only get better with more training.

UPDATE - July 19-20/14 - Ruby was entered in her first full EGC agility trial and had 11 qualifying runs.  This gave us lots of points and one more title - Outstanding Novice EGC Hoopers.

UPDATE - July 11-13/14 - Rider was Best of Winners all 3 days at the EKOC show in Calgary, earning 3 points towards his CH conformation title.

UPDATE - July 5/14 - Gypsy was awarded Group 2nd in Altered Class at the Portage show in Manitoba - not bad for her first time back in the conformation ring in almost 4 years.

UPDATE - June 22/14 - Ruby earned a EGC Agility title in Novice Barrel Racing.

UPDATE - May 25/14 - Ruby earned another 3 NADAC Agility titles today:  Outstanding Open Tunnelers, Open Jumpers and Outstanding Novice EGC Gaters.

UPDATE - May 24/14 - Ruby earned 4 more NADAC Agility titles today:  Superior Novice Chances, Novice Triple Superior Versatility, Novice All Around and Outstanding Open Regular. 

UPDATE - May 10/14 - Rider was Best of Breed at the CKOC show on Saturday for a 2 point win towards his conformation championship. 

UPDATE - May 3-4/14 - Ruby had 14 Qualifying runs in NADAC agility this weekend (out of 16).  8 of the Qs were at the Open level, including her first 2 Qs in Open Jumpers. 

UPDATE - Mar 23/14 - Ch Stardax A Modessa Ladybug RN "Brandi" and her owner Brenda D. obtained a Rally-O Novice title - adding the letters RN to Brandi's name.

UPDATE - Mar 21-23/14 - Rider was Best of Breed 2 of 3 days at the Camrose conformation show.  Not much competition in the breed - so only 1 point was obtained - but he performed perfectly for his first show.  He even made the cut one day to the top 7 in the Group ring.

UPDATE - Mar 8-9/14 - Ruby got two more NADAC agility titles this weekend - and had her first qualifying run in Open level Weavers (2 sets of 6 and 1 set of 12 weave poles).

UPDATE - Feb 23/14 - Luna got her first 2 Qs in NADAC Novice Hoopers and Ruby got her NADAC Superior Open Touch'n Go title today.

UPDATE - Feb 22/14 - Luna Q'd both her NADAC agility runs today and Ruby Q'd 7 of 8 runs today.  Ruby earned her 1,000 points lifetime award, her Superior Novice Weavers title and her Novice Extreme Gaters title.

UPDATE - Jan 4/14 - Luna Q'd in 3 of 4 NADAC agility runs today, including a Q in her first try at a Jumpers course.

UPDATE - Nov 17/13 - Ch Stardax A Modessa Ladybug "Brandi" and her owner Brenda D. achieved High Score in Class in Rally Obedience today with 98 points.

UPDATE - Nov 16/13 - Stardax Red Rider was Best Baby Puppy in Group at the Lethbridge conformation show.  Rider is a Ruby x Malcolm baby from my July 25/13 litter.  He loved his first show.

UPDATE - Nov 3/13 - Brandy's puppies have arrived.  3 boys and 2 girls.  Click here for pictures

UPDATE - Oct 5/13 - Luna obtained her first NADAC agility Extreme Games title in Novice Gaters with 2 qualifying runs today.  Ruby qualified in 7 of 8 runs today, obtaining her Open Regular agility title, an Outstanding Open Touch'n Go title and an Outstanding Novice Chances title.

UPDATE - Sept 14/13 - Stardax A Modessa Ladybug "Brandi", a puppy from my 2012 litter, won her CH title this past weekend.

UPDATE - Aug 10/13 - Brandy was Best of Opposite at the Edmonton show for another Grand Champion point.

UPDATE - Aug 3-5/13 - Brandy was Best of Opposite in 2 Alberta Kennel Club shows and Luna had 2 qualifying NADAC EGC Gaters agility runs on the Saturday of the show. 

UPDATE - Aug 2/13 - Brandy was Best of Opposite in 2 specialties shows (Prairie Dachshund Club and Alberta Sporting Hound Association)

UPDATE - July 25/13 - Ruby's puppies have arrived.  Click here for pictures.

PDATE - June 6-7/13 - Brandy was Best of Breed in two shows in Cold Lake, AB - for 4 more Grand Champion points. 
A puppy from my 2012 litter was entered in all 6 shows in Cold Lake, AB.  She came back with 9 points and 2 Best of Breed wins. Congratulations Brandi (Stardax A Modessa Ladybug) and Brenda (Brandi's owner)!

UPDATE - June 1-2/13 - Brandy was Best of Opposite both days entered at the NACA show in Edmonton - obtaining two 2 point wins towards her Grand Champion conformation title.

UPDATE - May 4-5/13 - Luna had an EGC Gaters 10 point Q and Ruby had a 10 point EGC Gaters Q and a 15 point EGC Hoopers Q.  This was our first time running EGC courses.  Ruby also had 6 other Qs, 4 in Novice Jumpers and Chances and 2 in Open Regular.  Ruby now has 870 lifetime NADAC points and her Jumpers Q gave her a Superior Novice Jumpers title.

UPDATE - Apr 6-7/13 - Diesel was Best of Winners Saturday for his first point and Luna was Best of Winners Sunday for one point at the Red Deer dog show. 

UPDATE - Mar 23/13 - Brandy was Best of Breed today at the Camrose dog show - winning over 3 other ML Dachshunds, including a Champion male.  She has now her CKC Champion title.  Brandy was Best of Opposite Sunday - 2 points in her first day as a Specials dog.

UPDATE - Mar 9-10/13 - Ruby obtained her Superior Novice Tunnelers title Saturday- with a run speed of 4 1/4 yards per second - and her Superior Novice Hoopers title Sunday.

UPDATE - Feb 23-24/13 - Ruby had 9 Qualifying NADAC agility runs and obtained her first Open level title in Touch'n Go.  Luna obtained her Novice Tunnelers title.  New Agility Video added from Feb 23/13 - Ruby's perfect Weavers run!

UPDATE - Jan 19-20/13 - Brandy was Best of Opposite both Saturday and Sunday at the AKC show.  She now has 9 of 10 points towards her Championship.

UPDATE - Jan 5-6/13 - Luna had 4 Qualifying Novice Regular NADAC agility runs, obtaining her first title - NAC.  Ruby added legs towards her Superior Novice Tunnelers, Hoopers and Jumpers titles.

UPDATE - Dec 1-2/12 - Toby was Best of Breed both Saturday and Sunday at the CKOC show for 2 points each day.  He finished his Championship on Saturday.  Brandy was Best of Opposite on Saturday for one point - she now has 7 points.

UPDATE - Nov 17-18/12 - Ruby obtained 3 more NADAC Agility titles this weekend - Superior Novice Touch'n Go, Outstanding Novice Tunnelers and Outstanding Novice Hoopers.  Luna ran in her first NADAC Agility trial with 2 Qualifying runs, one in Tunnelers and one in Touch'n Go.

UPDATE -  Nov 2-3/12 - Toby was Best of Winners at Red Deer show for 3 points on Friday.  He now has 8 points towards his Championship.  Brandy was Winners Female on Friday for 1 point and Winners Female on Saturday for 2 points.  She now has 6 points towards her Championship.

UPDATE - Oct 21/12 - Ruby qualified in all 6 NADAC agility runs today in Red Deer.  She obtained her NADAC Superior Novice Regular title, her NADAC Novice Chances title and her NADAC Novice Versatility title today.  She also won the club Top Novice Dog award.  Way to go Ruby!!!!!

UPDATE - Oct 20/12 - Ruby had 5 qualiying NADAC agility runs today in Red Deer.  1 Jumpers, 2 Regular, and 2 Touch'n Go.  She now has her NADAC Outstanding Novice Jumpers title.

UPDATE - Sept 22-23/12 - Ruby had 9 qualifying agility runs this weekend, and obtained her NADAC Outstanding Novice Weavers title.  She also won a club Top Dog Award for fewest faults over the two days of all the Novice and Open dogs.  Video from one of Ruby's runs is posted on the Agility Vidoes page.

UPDATE - Aug 26/12 - Ruby had 5 qualifying agility runs today.  She obtained two more titles - NADAC Novice Tunnelers and NADAC Novice Hoopers.

UPDATE - Aug 25/12 - Ruby obtained her NADAC Outstanding Novice Touch'n Go title today.

UPDATE - Aug 6/12 - Ruby obtained her CKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves agility title today - with two more 100 point qualifying runs.

UPDATE - Aug 5-6/12 - Brandy won Best of Breed for her first two points on Sunday and Toby won Best of Breed for 2 points on Monday.

UPDATE - Aug 5/12 - Ruby had her first qualifying run in CKC agility - a perfect 100 in Novice Jumpers with Weaves.

UPDATE - Aug 3-4/12 - Ruby obtained her NADAC Novice Jumpers title and her NADAC Outstanding Novice Regular title, along with having qualifying runs in Weavers and Chances.  She Q'd in 9 of 11 runs at the NADAC trial at Spruce Meadows.

UPDATE -  July 15/12 - Luna's puppies have arrived.  3 girls, red and shaded red in colour. 

UPDATE - June 24/12 - Ruby had 3 more qualifying runs in NADAC Agility - she earned another leg towards both Jumpers and Tunnelers titles.

UPDATE - June 23/12 - Ruby had 3 qualifying runs out of 4 in NADAC Agility - at her first outdoor trial.

UPDATE - June 2/12 - Toby wins Best of Breed for 3 points at NACA show in Edmonton.  Toby is currently ranked #11 (of 41 mini-long dachshunds) from Best of Breed points.

UPDATE - May 6/12 - Ruby obtained her NADAC Novice Regular title today, along with having qualifying runs in Jumpers and Tunnelers.

UPDATE - May 5/12 - Ruby obtained her NADAC Novice Weavers  title today - Q'ing in 4 of 4 runs (Weavers and Regular).

UPDATE - March 24/12 - Toby wins Best Baby Puppy in Group.

UPDATE - February 26/12 - Ruby obtained her NADAC Novice Touch'n Go title, along with having qualifying runs in Hoopers and in Weavers.

UPDATE - February 25/12 - Ruby had a qualifying run in NADAC Touch'n Go class Agility - 10 points on very challenging Touch'n Go course.

UPDATE - November 19/11 - Ruby had a qualifying run in NADAC Hoopers class Agility - 10 points and 1st place in her height category. 

UPDATE - October 27/11 - Ruby goes Best of Breed at the Western Dachshund Club Specialty for 14 points.  Ruby is now ranked 14th Miniature Long-haired Dachshund in Canada.

UPDATE - October 13/11 - Gypsy's puppies have arrived.  Information and photos are posted on the Puppies page.

UPDATE - July 29/11 at the AKC show, Gypsy had a qualifying run in Novice Regular NADAC Agility - 10 points and a first place finish in the round.  Video can be found on Gypsy's page.

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